Your Support Needed Now!

General Donation

General donation to support operations and programs at the Islamic Society of Augusta.

[Note: This is to pay a donation for the ISA Masjid not the Full Time School - Augusta Science Academy.  To pay a donation for the Augusta Science Academy please go to]


Although the Masjid is currently closed, most expenses continue and we anticipate additional need to provide Relief for local Muslims needing assistance coping with the on going effects of fighting the pandemic by Social Distancing.

Please continue to support the Masjid by clicking the Donate button above. Our initial goal is a modest $15,000. Insha’Allah we will meet and greatly exceed this goal.

These donations are just a substitute for the Masjid donation boxes. This is not a fundraiser for any certain cause. Follow the link and donate for whichever program you wish to support or just for Maintenance and Operations (M&O). We need all the support we can get, just because we reached our initial $15,000, does not mean that more donations are not needed.

Jazak Allak Khairen to all that have donated during the ISA online drive and helping ISA reach our initial goal. But, just because we reached our initial goal does not mean more donations are not needed. Please, keep the donations coming in.

ISA is still here to support you!

If you are having difficulties, or know someone who is having diffulties, during this time please email with details of your situation including your contact information. The ISA Secretary will forward your request to the Relief committee for evaluation of how ISA can help.