Board of Trustees and Executive Committee


The new Board of Trustees and Executive Committee effective February 1, 2016

The Board of Trustees was elected with the following members:

Chair, Br. Hossam Fadel
Vice-Chair, Br. Hameed Malik
Chief Financial Officer, Sr. Bilquis Seema
Br. Hameed Sheikh
Secretary, Br. Gaafar Abo-Alhamd
Br. Mohammed Alshabrawy

Note: the assignments were done after the six members were elected, and they decided among themselves.

The Executive Committee was elected with the following members:
President                         Br. Nadeem Gill
Secretary                         Br. Sohail Khan
Education Secretary       Br. Hasan Syed
Treasurer                        Sr. Aisha Lakhany
Program Coordinator      Br. Ayaz Chaudhary
Women Representative  Sr. Zainab Johnson