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Imam Hamza Ragab, a scholar in Islamic studies and a pre-med student, was raised in a blend of cultures in Brooklyn, New York. By the age of thirteen, he had memorized the Quran and received his ijaza in its recitation of Hafs An Asim. He furthered his Islamic studies at Al Azhar University he delved into the depths of Usool Hadith, earning his associate degree and expanding his understanding of the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW). He chose to major in the Hanafi Mazhab, one of the four major schools of Islamic law, further solidifying his commitment to the study and practice of Islam. Parallel to his studies at Al Azhar University, Hamza also undertook courses at the University of Minnesota, focusing on Islamic studies and Usool Al-deen. This dual academic pursuit not only broadened his horizon but also allowed him to bring a unique perspective to his studies and teachings.

Alongside his religious studies, Imam Hamza is pursuing a career in dentistry at Augusta University, showcasing his dual commitment to faith and academia. He began his teaching journey at nine, assisting his father in Quran classes. He also leads prayers across various Masajids in the United States, particularly during Ramadan.

Imam Hamza is revered for his ability to simplify complex concepts, making learning accessible and enjoyable. His blend of religious and secular education broadens perspectives and deepens understanding, allowing him to reach a diverse audience. His story stands as a testament to the power of faith, education, and service.


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Phone : (706) 386-6208

Office Hours : Sundays only from 2pm-6pm

Imam’s Religious Education Activities

Khutba (formal speech during Friday congregational prayer)Friday Jumaa prayer 1:30 PM
Daily KhatirahAfter Fajr and Isha
Aqeedah SessionsFriday, after Maghreb
Tafseer(Explanation of Qur’an) of Surah Noor **WOMEN ONLY**Saturdays, after Isha
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