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ISA Weekend School Parents: 

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Welcome to the ISA Weekend School Page

Mission Statement

The mission of the ISA Weekend School is to prepare the next generation of American Muslim leaders. Insha’Allah, these future leaders will take responsibility for establishing and presenting Islam in America equipped with faith, practice, manners and morals that are based on the Quran and Sunnah.

The ISA Weekend School strives to achieve this goal by providing:

  1. Islamic knowledge, covering Islamic belief, acts of worship, etiquette, way-of-life, and morals.
  2. Quran recitation, memorization, and Arabic skills to assist in understanding of the Holy Quran.
  3. An Islamic environment for socialization.
  4. Character-building and community service activities.

Through such programs, the School aims to help children become proud, practicing Muslims, Insha’Allah.

For more information and/or student enrollment, please contact the ISA Weekend School

 Education Secretary  Dr. Ahmed AlBasheer  
 Principal  Dr. Shima Syed
 Vice Principal  Dr. Ahmed AlEwady
 Office Manager  Sr. Cebbi Conway
 General Email

School Information for year 2020-2021:

Thank you to all parents who completed the Return to School Survey. The results show that less than 50% of parents prefer in school learning. This is, of course, the optimal approach to engage our students. However, given the current pandemic, we feel that providing the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our students and teachers would be difficult. For that reason, we have decided to hold Weekend School in an entirely E-Learning format. All sessions will be held online for the Fall Semester. 

Curriculum will remain the same. Class 1-4 (KG-3rd Grade) : Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic Studies. Class 5-11 (4th – 12th Grade) : Qur’an, Islamic Character and Islamic Studies,

We plan to offer a robust learning experience. Parental involvement and support will be integral in making our joint efforts successful, Bi’idhnillah. 

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the School Administration with your questions and concerns. See our updated administration members below. 

  • Education Secretary: Dr Ahmed AlBasheer 
  • Principal: Dr Shima Syed
  • Vice Principal: Dr Ahmed El-Awady
  • Director of E-Learning/Infection Control: Dr Budder Siddiqui
  • Office Manager: Sr Cebbi Conway
  • Office Assistant: Sr Zaenab Sanadiki



Tuition is $200/year. Payment can be made in 2(two) payments at $100 each.
Tuition is due at the time of registration and the second payment is in January 2021. 
Financial assistance is available with a submitted form. Form is available with the registration.
New students registration for Class 1-3 (KG-2nd Grade) required copy of Birth Certificate.
Class 1 students has to be five years old by September 1st 2020


Students registration is available online using the link below :
Please complete and submit registration form for each student.


ISA Weekend School 2020-2021 Documents

  1. ISA Weekend School eLearning Guidelines 2020
  2. Photo Release Form

2020-2021 Fall Semester Calendar

To Be Advised


ISA Weekend School 2019-2020 Documents

  1. ISA Weekend School Handbook 2019-2020
  2. Parent Teacher Communicator PTC
  3. Portable Electronic Device Contract
  4. Photo Release Form

Please return Parent Signature Page 2019/2020 (below) your child during the first week of school. A copy of this document can be found inside your child’s PTC (Green) Communicator Folder. Thank you!

Parent Signature Page 2019/2020 (1 per student)



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Rainbow Of Islam Document: Age Group 7-9 (42 pages)

Rainbow Of Islam Document: Age Group 9-14 (67 pages)