Save the Date: Aug 12, Shifa Clinic Fundraising Dinner

12 August 2017
5:30 PM
Shifa Clinic Fundraising Dinner
Mission of Shifa Care Clinic Inc. –The purpose of the clinic is to serve humanity by providing excellent patient care to uninsured.
Clinic Update–We meet every third Saturday of the month. Last clinic was held on Saturday May 20th, 2017 during 9AM-1PM. Our expert, committed and punctual volunteers participated and the clinic operation went quite smoothly. Our patient numbers are growing, we had total 14 patients made appointments, some cancelled due to bus route related transportation difficulty, and total 8 patients were seen.
Patient Survey–we received outstanding patient survey on our staff, doctors, facility, HIPPA compliance, patient care and providing education ranked 10+++++
We need your help, please, save some charity donation for construction and maintenance of Shifa Care Clinic Inc., which is serving humanity, providing health care to uninsured who are not able to afford otherwise.
SCC Address-University Hospital 820 St. Sebastian Way Augusta GA 30901
Contact- Phone Number 706-513-0582 or send an email
Thank you so much.
Shamim Mohammad, Founder, CEO, Medical Director