MYA Constitution


Article I. Aim and Purpose
Section I: Aim and Purpose
    The aim and purpose of the Muslim Youth of Augusta (MYA) is to serve the best interest of the Muslim youth of the Islamic Society of Augusta in the best of its ability in accordance to the Islamic teachings. Towards this end, the MYA shall:

  1. Promote unity among the Muslim youth by means of social and religious activities within and outside of the Islamic Society of Augusta
  2. Promote friendly relations and cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslims.
Article II. Membership
Section I: Membership Qualifications
    Membership is open to any Muslim youth in the Islamic Society of Augusta between the grades of 6-12. These members shall compromise the General Body.


Article III. Officers
Section I: Officer Positions
    The elected officers shall be President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activity’s Coordinator. These officers shall compromise the Cabinet. In the event of a female or male dominated Cabinet, a co-Activity’s Coordinator of the opposite gender will be elected.


Section II: Officer Qualifications
    Only high school members may serve as officers. The President position must be held by an upperclassman. Officers will serve a term of one academic year, consisting of Fall, Spring and Summer semesters


Section III: Duties
    The duties of the President are but not limited to:
  1. Performing the general management of all activities of the group.
  2. Coordinating and directing all the activities so as to achieve the aims and purposes of the group.
  3. Calling and presiding over meetings of the Cabinet and General Body.
  4. Approving funds and expenses of the group in consultation with the Advisors and Treasurer.
  5. Acting as the chief spokesperson of the group, including attending Executive Meetings of the Islamic Society of Augusta and relaying important group activities and notices.


The duties of the Secretary are but not limited to:

  1. Preparing and maintaining detailed minutes of all meetings.
  2. Circulating minutes of General Body meetings within three days.
  3. Acting as a liaison between the Cabinet and the General Body, facilitating the communication and passage of information between the Cabinet and the General Body.
  4. Maintaining the MYA Homepage and member email accounts.


The duties of the Treasurer are but not limited to:

  1. Managing the funds and expenses of the group.
  2. Maintaining the record of all financial transactions of the group; Collecting and depositing all funds received on behalf of the group.
  3. Being responsible for the for system of upkeep of money, dues, and increase of funds in statements to be made public
  4. On being elected, preparing an annual budget in consultation of the Cabinet and Advisers and presenting the same before the General Body with updates periodically.


The duties of the Activity’s Coordinator(s) are but not limited to:

  1. Maintaining the list of members and volunteers for various functions of the group.
  2. Announcing meetings and advertising events.
  3. Gathering information for a function, including finding the cost, reserving rooms for functions, etc.
  4. Coordinate monthly activities (halaqas, meetings, etc) with the approval of the Cabinet.
Article IV. Advisors
Section I: Advisor Qualifications
    Advisors must have been members of the MYA previously and be approved by the Executive Committee of the Islamic Society of Augusta.


Section II: Term
    Advisors must be decided prior to the nomination meeting for the Cabinet of the coming term. They must serve for at least one consecutive term.


Section III: Duties
      The duties of the advisor are but not limited to:
  1. Meeting with the Cabinet on a regular basis
  2. Attending meetings and group activities.
  3. Keeping abreast of club issues and intentions
  4. Assisting the Treasurer in managing and finalizing funds and expenses
  5. Overseeing the functions and management of the group


Section IV: Veto Power
    Advisors shall have veto power over any decision made by the club which is in direct violation of Islamic law or the policy of the Islamic Society of Augusta.


Article V. Elections
Section I: Election Times
    Officer elections must not be delayed after the opening of classes of the Islamic School in the Islamic Society of Augusta.


Section II: Election Process
      Officer elections will consists of the following three step process:
  1. Nominations: Nominations will be held the meeting prior to the scheduled date of elections. Any active group member may nominate a fellow member to any officer position. Said nomination must be seconded by another member and accepted by the nominee to appear on the ballot. Nominations will only be accepted during the meeting prior to elections. Nominees can neither run for more than one position nor nominate themselves. Members may only nominate one member for one position, however they may second as many nominations as they like.
  2. Elections: Elections will consist of each candidate speaking for up to five minutes, followed by up to three minutes of questions and answers from the group members. Only active members present at the meeting may cast a vote, and only these votes count toward the computation of the 50%+1 required margin for election to office. Votes will be placed anonymously.
  3. Run-Off Elections: In the event that no candidate receives at least 50%+1 of the vote, a run-off election will be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes.
Article VI. Meetings
Section I: Times
    The General Body shall meet at least once a month. Cabinet members must meet prior to all General Body meetings. Communications of all meetings will be the responsibility of the Secretary. All meetings should be announced by the Activity Coordinator the day they are held.


Section II: Emergency Meetings
    The President has the authority to call a meeting at any time. All officers must agree in advance to the emergency meeting and at least 24 hours notice must be provided to all active members by sending out e-mail. Communication of emergency meetings will be the responsibility of the Secretary.


Section III. Advisors
    At least one advisor must be present at all meetings, functions, events, etc of the group.


Article VII. Finances
Section I: Contributions
    The Cabinet may accept any contribution in any form, from any source that is consistent with the purposes of the MYA.


Section II: Approval of Disbursement
    All disbursements of funds must be approved by the Treasurer and Advisor. No expenditure above $100.00 may be authorized without the approval of the Cabinet and Advisors; nor shall they authorize total expenses on one occasion of more than $300.00 without the prior approval of the Cabinet.


Article VIII. Amendments
Section I: Amendments
      A written copy of the proposed Amendment must be made to the Cabinet. After the Amendment is approved by a two-thirds vote in the Cabinet, the Amendment shall be presented to the General Body. The Amendment will be made with a two-thirds vote by active members of the General Body and take effect immediately.