Lifting The Veil #11 – Motherhood

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Motherhood in Islam

7:00 pm on Thursday May 4th

The honor and the high status given to mothers by Allah and the importance of earning the blessings of our mothers in Islam.

Where do you find Paradise?

The Prophet Muhammad ? said, “Paradise is at the feet of the mother.”

Speaker: Sr. Ugur (Victoria) Clare

Victoria was born and raised in Turkey, and moved to the US 34-years ago.

She holds an MBA from the University of South Carolina and a bachelor’s degree in Business from Aegean University in Turkey. She worked in Production Planning at Club Car and Procurement at Bechtel National.

Earlier in her career, she completed the Leadership Aiken Program and worked in community service at various agencies in Aiken County, including United Way.

Perhaps more relevant to tonight’s program, Victoria studied Islamic theology and practice in numerous programs under various scholars in the US and abroad, including completing a diploma course from iSyllabus in the UK.  She developed and taught a continuing education course entitled “Islam Exposed: Facts and Myths” at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  In addition, she taught analysis of the Quran and “Islam 101” in several contexts in the US and the UK.

Victoria is active in numerous Islamic, interfaith, and charitable activities.  She co-founded interfaith dialog programs both in Augusta called CSRA-Women Interfaith Network and in Las Vegas called “Women in Dialog for Understanding.” She established and served in various homeless feeding programs continuing successfully in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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