Lifting the Veil #10 – Introducing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Due to the Masters, the April session will be on the 13th.

Introducing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
April 13, 2017 7:00 – 8:30 PM
At the Islamic Community Center of Augusta
465 Old Evans Rd, Martinez, GA 30907

Presentation Outline:
The Life and Character of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
To be truly Islamic requires emulating Islam’s living example (Muhammad pbuh) and its revealed life manual (the Qur’an).

When Muslims want to describe prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we say he is a mercy to mankind.

Even before he received the first revelation of Quran he was known for his honesty and wisdom. After he received the revelation he has endured all the accusations and harassment from the people of Mecca exercising patience and compassion. He went to Madinah after Meccan leaders plotted to kill him.

In Madinah he established the Islamic state the way it should be done with protecting lives, property and religious freedom. He transformed a tribal society to a civil society governed by covenants covering all segments of the society. He was not just a spiritual leader, he was also a civic leader.

Speaker: Noha Bakr
Noha Bakr graduated from the University of South Carolina. She studied Islamic law at Princeton University.
She was the director of development and communication for Junior Achievement Worldwide across 13 countries of the middle east.
She was the middle east regional representative for Quaker Service, a Christian international development organization.
She has consulted for department of justice to educate law enforcement officers on approaching the American Muslim community and she has spoken at the Capital on Shari’a
She has completed a master of Science in nursing and she is practicing at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.