ISA Health & Safety Guidelines

July 22nd, 2022 Update.

  1. All people, including Visitors and members of the Islamic society of Augusta, regardless of their vaccination status, are required to wear a mask while entering or when located in the indoor areas of Islamic Society of Augusta (e.g., Lobby, Makkah Hall, Media Hall, Community Hall (Gym)or Library , People are not required to wear a mask when located in outdoor areas of front entrance or Playground & outdoor Basketball Court.
  2. Please make wudu at home in an attempt to minimize crowding in the wudu area
  3. Parents are kindly requested to monitor and keep their children by their side especially during prayer times.
  4. Please do not attend if you have recently tested positive for COVID, have any upper respiratory symptoms such as cough, cold or congestion regardless of your COVID test result or are in quarantine.
  5. We encourage everyone to bring their own prayer-matt , for Jummah prayers.


Stay Safe