ISA Community Outreach Programs

Islamic Society of Augusta Outreach Programs:
MCSA: Bi-monthly Food Pantry
Shifa Care Clinic: Bi-Monthly Free Medical Clinic
Prison Outreach Program: a program to illuminate the hearts and minds of inmates, primarily Muslim but most inmates become Muslim while in Prison.
Funded by the Mosque and operated by a few members of the community.
Monthly Outreach Program: to eradicate misinformation and false assumptions about Islam.
Takes place on the first Thursday of every month on a different aspect of Islamic Teachings.
Primarily for neighbors, coworker, friends, haters, etc.
The goal of this program is not to convert the attendees.
Started as a monthly follow up to the 2013 and 2016 Open House programs. ISA wanted neighbors in the CSRA to feel welcome to come to the Islamic Community Center and feel comfortable around Muslims. To prevent or minimize incidents such as when an armed protestor stood in front of the Islamic Community Center sign at the main entrance and videotaped a profane and hate filled video on a popular internet site. Information on this monthly program is at