EID-UL-FITR will be on Tuesday, June 4th

Tuesday June 4th will be the 1st of Shawwal. Please note that ISA follows the Fiqh Council of North America regarding moon sighting methodology.

Takbeer begins 8:30 am 

Prayer will be at 9:00 am

Be sure to pay Zakat El-Fitr ( $10/person) before Eid Prayer, but the sooner the better.

Please do not park next to fire hydrants as indicated by yellow curb, please do not block the entrance drive, parking is available along the newly paved Panacea Road upto the cul de sac.

After the Eid Prayer, there is the Community Potluck. Please bring two dishes to share. If you drive in the main (Islamic Drive entrance) there will be someone to take your dishes near the kitchen, then you may drive behind the main building to get to the parking on the other side.