Eid El-Fitr

Sunday May 24th

The Fiqh Council of North America has announced that Eid El-Fitr will be Sunday May 24, 2020, insha’Allah.  The Fiqh Council encourages that Muslims pray El-Eid in their homes with their  own families. The Islamic Society of Augusta (ISA) encourages all CSRA area Muslims to celebrate Eid by dressing up, exchanging gifts, and praying Eid, at home, at 9:45 am.  A Zoom meeting for the entire community will follow, at 10:00 sharp, to hear a reminder from Imam Jawad.  It will be an opportunity for ISA members to celebrate together while maintaining social distancing to protect the community from the spread of the coronavirus. The link for the Zoom meeting will be posted.  After the Imam’s reminder, the remainder of the Zoom meeting can be used by community members to socialize, suggestion include kids sing a nasheed or recite a poem.