Your Support Needed Now!


Although the Masjid is currently closed, most expenses continue and we anticipate additional need to provide Relief for local Muslims needing assistance coping with the on going effects of fighting the pandemic by Social Distancing.

Please continue to support the Masjid by clicking the Donate button above. Our initial goal is a modest $15,000. Insha’Allah we will meet and greatly exceed this goal.

ISA is still here to support you!

If you are having difficulties, or know someone who is having diffulties, during this time please email with details of your situation including your contact information. The ISA Secretary will forward your request to the Relief committee for evaluation of how ISA can help.



Assalam-u-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

The Islamic Society of Augusta’s leadership has received information that We may have asymptomatic carriers unknowingly spreading COVID-19.
ISA encourages all members to stringently exercise caution and follow all CDC guidelines in personal hygiene and social distancing. ISA also encourages its members and the general public to avoid panic.

As an Action to prevent spreading this virus, ISA leadership has decided to completely stop all prayers at the Masjid and to close the outer gates of ICCA Building effective immediately until further notice.

ISA will make efforts to keep the community united and spiritually healthy while practicing social distancing. Members are also encouraged to check on other families, elders, and especially the loners. If anyone is in need of assistance such as picking up groceries, medications, supplies, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please check your emails and text messages from ISA regularly in order to remain up to date on the most current information and policies. Islamic Society of Augusta thanks you for your cooperation and support. Be safe. May Allah be with you.