Covid-19 August 6, 2021 Update


Due to the fast spreading Delta Variant of the SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 virus, ISA is again requiring the wearing of masks, personal prayer mats, 6 feet spacing by everyone until further notice. Anyone not fully vaccinated, including Children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated yet, and people with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions should avoid attending.

Protect yourself and others:
Get the vaccine
Wear a mask
Maintain Physical distance

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Tell ISA what is on your mind.

ISA has several forms of communication to the ISA members, Newsletter, WhatsApp Group, Remind.  But all these are communication to the members not communication from the members or between members.

ISA just added a new tool to allow any ISA member to tell other ISA members what is on their mind.  On the website we have added “Discussion Boards” on various topics so ISA members can post what they want.

Do you have something to sell?
Do you want to discuss ISA policies?
Do you want a roommate?
Do you want to speak out for Social Justice?
Do you have a hobby you want to discuss and find other ISA members who share your hobby?

Go to .

First time you will need to register a User ID and password (remember for future sessions).

Since these Discussion Boards are new, we are still is the testing phase and would greatly appreciate you letting us know of any issues you have by emailing