Eid El-Fitr

Sunday May 24th

The Fiqh Council of North America has announced that Eid El-Fitr will be Sunday May 24, 2020, insha’Allah.  The Fiqh Council encourages that Muslims pray El-Eid in their homes with their  own families. The Islamic Society of Augusta (ISA) encourages all CSRA area Muslims to celebrate Eid by dressing up, exchanging gifts, and praying Eid, at home, at 9:45 am.  A Zoom meeting for the entire community will follow, at 10:00 sharp, to hear a reminder from Imam Jawad.  It will be an opportunity for ISA members to celebrate together while maintaining social distancing to protect the community from the spread of the coronavirus. The link for the Zoom meeting will be posted.  After the Imam’s reminder, the remainder of the Zoom meeting can be used by community members to socialize, suggestion include kids sing a nasheed or recite a poem.

Fundraiser Live Stream

Jazak Allah Khiran!

Thanks to the GENEROSITY of this community, the Live Stream Fundraiser was a GREAT success exceeding our initial goal.

If you made a pledge you may fulfill your donation in any of the following ways:

  1. Mail check (write purpose in Memo field) to:
    PO Box 204594
    Augusta, GA 30907-4594
  2. Donation Box at Kashmir Bazzar; 248 Bobby Jones Expy, Augusta, GA 30907
  3. Online using one of links below:
    Annual Fundraiser Donation
    One Time Donation for a Specific Program
    Recurring Donation for a Specific Program

ISA Is Open for Jummah Prayer


Dear Brothers and Sisters ISA Members,

ISA has re-started offering Jummah prayers at ICCA (Islamic Community Center of Augusta, at 1 Islamic Center Dr.).

ISA will LIVE Stream the Jummah for those who cannot attend, available on Imam Jawad’s YouTube channel and the Online Spiritual Guidance page.

There will be two sessions for Jummah prayers.
The first session, at 1:30 pm, is for worshippers with the last name starting (A – K) and those who cannot attend the second session.

The second session, at 2:15 pm, is for worshippers with the last name starting (L – Z) and those who can wait to attend the second session .

Jummah will be held inside the Gym.
Brothers enter and exit only from the school lobby.
Sisters enter and exit from the side hall near the kitchen.

We encourage everyone to make Wudo at home.
The main ICCA doors will be closed

Social Distancing
Bring your own prayer rug.
Everyone is required to Wear face covering/mask at all times.
Staying 6 feet apart at all times including entering and exiting the building.
Minimal socializing, follow volunteers instructions and directional signs.
Leave directly after prayer to clear the building for the second session.
Anyone with underlying health conditions or anyone with symptoms,
(high temperature, coughing or sneezing ) should pray at home.

Ramadan Kareem

ISA Ramadan Support

If you are having difficulties, or you know someone who is in need of assistance, during this time please email secretary@isaugusta.com with details of the situation including your contact information. The ISA Secretary will forward your request to the Relief committee for evaluation of how ISA can help.

Ramadan Voucher Request

Since we are unable to hold community Iftars at the Islamic Community Center of Augusta, the Islamic Society of Augusta (ISA) is offering food vouchers for anyone who requests a voucher

Click for Ramadan Voucher Request

Online Ramadan Fundraiser

  1. Donation Box at ICCA gym
  2. Mail check (write purpose in Memo field) to:
    PO Box 204594
    Augusta, GA 30907-4594
  1. Online using one of links below: