ISA Is Open for Jummah Prayer


Dear Brothers and Sisters ISA Members,

ISA has re-started offering Jummah prayers at ICCA (Islamic Community Center of Augusta, at 1 Islamic Center Dr.).

ISA will LIVE Stream the Jummah for those who cannot attend, available on Imam Jawad’s YouTube channel and the Online Spiritual Guidance page.

There will be two sessions for Jummah prayers.
The first session, at 1:30 pm, is for worshippers with the last name starting (A – K) and those who cannot attend the second session.

The second session, at 2:15 pm, is for worshippers with the last name starting (L – Z) and those who can wait to attend the second session .

Jummah will be held inside the Gym.
Brothers enter and exit only from the school lobby.
Sisters enter and exit from the side hall near the kitchen.

We encourage everyone to make Wudo at home.
The main ICCA doors will be closed

Social Distancing
Bring your own prayer rug.
Everyone is required to Wear face covering/mask at all times.
Staying 6 feet apart at all times including entering and exiting the building.
Minimal socializing, follow volunteers instructions and directional signs.
Leave directly after prayer to clear the building for the second session.
Anyone with underlying health conditions or anyone with symptoms,
(high temperature, coughing or sneezing ) should pray at home.

Eid El-Adha 2020

Friday July 31st

Virtual Eid Reminder Friday July 31 at 9:00 am
link will be sent early Friday Inshaallah

?ISA Eid Drive thru celebration
9:30 to 11:30 am
*Dress up for Eid picture taking while you drive by.
*Decorate your vehicle show your unique Eid decoration.
*We will get to see you, greet you and wish you have “Eid Mubarak”
*Ice cream truck will be available to hand over Ice cream for everyone.

Please stay inside the vehicle at all times while in ISA premises