Weekend School

The ISA SCHOOL is a weekend school with classes on Sunday morning from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM (Children can be picked up after Zuhr prayer at 2:15)

Friday class details will be announced later.

Sunday classes provide systematic Islamic education accepting students ages 5 and above. Students are placed in each class based on age, public school grade, and level of proficiency in Islamic subjects and Arabic. Classes include Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies. For more information and student enrollment, please contact the following individuals:

Education Secretary Dr Hasan Syed hms998@gmail.com
Principal Dr Mohammad Elsalanty elsalanty@gmail.com
Assistant Principal Dr Ahmed El-Awady ahmedrifaat@gmail.com
Registrar Sr Shima Syed shisye04@gmail.com
Administrative Assistant Sr Asma Daoudi a.daoudi@live.com

ISA School Schedule 2013 -2014

ISA School Handbook 2013-2014