ISA Android App

Let’s STOP cellphone disruptions during congregational prayers.

Have you ever been disturbed during congregational prayer by a cellphone ringing or otherwise making noise?  Have you ever forgotten to un-mute your phone after congregational prayer?

The ISA android App is available for immediate download.  This App has the unique feature of automatically silencing the phone only during prayer times and only while the phone is at the Islamic Community Center of Augusta.  A little before the Iqammah time, the phone will automatically switch to silent and after prayer, the phone will automatically return to normal volume.  Insha’Allah widespread use of this App will prevent disruptions during prayer.  The App also gives instant access to ISA website including Facebook posts, and more features will be added in the future.

Simply search the Google Play Store for “Islamic Society of Augusta” or click here.

An ISA iPhone iOS app is in development.