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Ramadan Mubarak to all. The first Taraweeh will be on Sunday, June 5, after Isha.  The first fast will be on Monday, June 6.

*** Please minimize food wastage, take only what you can eat***

***Please keep the lobby area vacant during Salah times***

***Please keep your children near you. This is for their safety and out of respect for those who are praying. In the past, young children have wandered unattended into the parking lot which is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS as there are a lot of cars and it is very dark***

***Saturday night community iftar – please participate! $150/family to sponsor an iftar***

May Allah accept all of our good deeds in this special month.

For Immediate Release – June 12, 2016

The Islamic Society of Augusta and the Muslim community of the CSRA area would like to send our condolences to friends, families, and communities of the victims of the shooting in Orlando, FL.  Life is sacred in Islam and whoever takes a life it is as if they have taken the life of all of humanity.   We join the rest of America in anger and confusion at the absurdity of such an attack on our fellow Americans.  Nothing can justify such ruthless and senseless acts of violence and terrorism.  We pray that God protects our country and our communities.  We ask God to bring peace to our communities and grant us solidarity during this time of tragedy.