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Forum for Candidates for GA 123, Apr 28, 6:30 pm

The Islamic Society of Augusta (ISA) is sponsoring a community event on Thursday, April 28 from 6:308:00 p.m. to introduce candidates for the Republican Party nomination for Georgia State Representative of District 123. Candidates Lori Greenhill, Wright McLeod and Mark Newton have confirmed their attendance at the event. The location is the ISA Community Hall, 465 Old Evans Road, Martinez, GA 30907. The forum is open to public.

Each candidate will make a short presentation, and then the candidates will take questions from the audience.



At a young age Ka’b ibn Malik had it all; married, wealthy, he was a companion of the messenger of Allah, and of the very first in Medinah to believe in him and serve him. His faith was unwavering, his reputation was impeccable.

And then…he made a mistake.

A mistake so big that it turned his world upside down and made the entire city of believers shun him.

His mistake could have broken him. It could have destroyed him. But it didn’t.

The repentance of Ka’b ibn Malik is one of the most unique stories of the seerah. Told entirely in the first person of the person who lived it, it is a tale of loss, seclusion, trials, temptation..

And redemption.

Some of the story highlights will include:

1) The consequences of sins in their immediate and long term effects

2) The role friendship plays in our success or failure

3) The conditions of a sincere repentance

4) The virtues of truthfulness

5) The recognizing of blessings and how to increase them,